Review: Answer Me This

Answer Me This logo Answer Me This podcast began in January 2007 and in a very short time time saw a great deal of success (at least by podcasting standards). By episode 10 they there featured as podcast of the week by Time Out magazine, and have since been noted in other mainstream media. Pretty impressive for a couple of Londoners recording a podcast in their bedroom.  Website | RSS | iTunes

10/10 Entertainment value
Fast-paced and consistently funny.
7/10 Quality of content
Their antics are enough to keep you coming back, but sometimes I wish they would actually answer a few questions.
9/10 Production quality
Well structured and some great jingles, though they do get repetitive.
10/10 Lasting appealYou will be hanging out for new episodes, and could definitely re-listen to existing eps 6 months down the track.
9/10 Reliability
A few breaks, but given they are not getting paid you can’t be too harsh on them.
9/10 Overall
Answer Me This is what podcasting is all about: raw and rough around the edges, but damned entertaining and addictive.

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