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Today In iPhone logoLike the Apple Phone Show, this is a great source of information on the iPhone. Unlike the Apple Phone Show, this is not a particularly well produced show. Not that it is horrible, but it is definately more rough around the edges than it’s competition, and host Rob Walsh could use some radio classes (to be fair, he has gotten better).  Website | RSS | iTunes

7/10 Entertainment value
The listener call-in aspect adds a great deal to the show, but it lacks structure and can be hit or miss.
8.5/10 Quality of content
You will find just as up-to-date info as the Apple Phone Show, but Walsh is not afraid to talk about 3rd party apps (also, he is genuinely likable).
7/10 Production quality
These days the quality is not bad, but the host speaks as though he is afraid of being heard by someone in the next room, and his interviews are always a little cringe worthy.
6/10 Lasting appealAs with the Apple Phone Show there is nothing much to keep you listening to an episode again, but if you’re an iPhone owner you will want to stay subscribed.
4/10 Reliability
A little sporadic. In the beginning the episodes were being churned out, but lately there have been weeks between episodes.
7/10 Overall
Definately worth subscribing to, but obviously for iPhone enthusiasts only.

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