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Podwatch #4

Podwatch episode 4 is out and covers the following: – Review: What Would Happen If..? – Review: Drink Til We’re Funny – News: Good News Week available as a podcast – How-To: Podcasting your email Also, new domain is, and thanks to Kathy Maister for her comment. If you agree or disagree with any […]

Review: Drink ‘Til We’re Funny

Drink Til We’re Funny is a weekly podcast hosted by a group of friends living in Illinois. The show runs generally between 30-60 minutes and covers topics from office politics to pillow talk. Listening to DTWF is like evesdropping on a conversation at a cafe. There’s no real structure or theme to the episodes, but […]

Review: What Would Happen If..?

What would happen if the world stopped spinning? Or the force of gravity was twice as strong? Or the polar icecaps melted? These are the kinds of questions answered on National Geographic Channel’s aptly named podcast What Would Happen If..? Each episode is around 2 minutes long as poses a question phrased as What Would […]

Ten Releases Good News Week as a Podcast

While the the writers continue to strike because the studios won’t give them 4 frickin’ cents, Australian TV network Ten (which comprises of near-100% American shows) is feeling the pinch. Rather than coming up with new and original ideas, they decided to bring back an old TV show they axed 8 years ago — Good […]

Reading’s For Suckers

Remember the episode of Seinfeld where George tries to get out of reading an anger management book by pretending to be blind and having it read to tape just for him? Well I think he was on to something, only now you can now do it for free using Apple’s Automator. Maybe you have a […]

New domain & new design!

Hurrah! I’m no longer embarassed by the state of the blog. I’ve given Podwatch a fresh coat of paint in the hope it’s a little easier to read. I’ve completely overhauled the CSS, so there are bound to be a few issues around the place, but overall I think it’s an improvement. I’d love to […]

Podwatch #3

Episode 3! w00t!: Review: This American Life (not sure how to categorise this one) Review: Start Cooking (video, cooking) News: AppleTV 2.0 update Download Podwatch #3 Subscribe via iTunes

Review: This American Life

This American Life is a weekly 1-hour show hosted by Ira Glass. Each week, the show features a central theme around which several stories are presented. The format is much like an audiobook, where guests will provide a narrative about an event in their life. The topics are very broad, ranging from stories of survival […]

Review: Start Cooking

There’s quite a few cooking shows out there, and I have subscribed and unsubscribed from quite a few of them. The one that has remained in my list the longest, however, is the Start Cooking podcast. Start cooking is a video podcast hosted by Kathy Maister, and presents a variety of simple but tasty recipes […]

AppleTV 2.0 and podcasting

For the uninitiated, the AppleTV was Apple’s first attempt at a media centre. Essentially, it’s like a big iPod that connects to your screen and plays back movies, TV shows, music, and — best of all — podcasts. It was released in March of 2007 to a fairly mild reception. You can’t playback live TV, […]

Podwatch #2

In this episode of Podwatch, I review 2 radio podcasts: The Tom Leykis Show (talkback) The Shebang (comedy) Download Podwatch #2 Subscribe via iTunes

Review: The Shebang

Those living in Australia will likely already know of the comedy duo Marty Sheargold and Fifi Box. After their recent move to Sydney breakfast radio, however, they have taken a dive, with a 5.3% share of the breakfast audience — a loss of 47,000 listeners since March. Why this is the case I’m not sure, […]

Review: The Tom Leykis Show

The Tom Leykis Show is a podcast version of the American shock jock’s radio programme of the same name. I would liken it to an American version Spoonman, but unlike Spoonman, Leykis appears to be devoid of a soul. Each episode usually features one topic where listeners can phone in and argue with Leykis or […]

Scott Bourne misses the point

You may have read or heard my review of the Apple Phone Show podcast, where one of my major gripes was with host Scott Bourne’s refusal to talk about iPhone 3rd party applications. Right on cue, Bourne, during his interview with Chris Breen, spoke about this issue for a whole 2 minutes…kind of. 28 minutes […]