Scott Bourne misses the point

Scott BourneYou may have read or heard my review of the Apple Phone Show podcast, where one of my major gripes was with host Scott Bourne’s refusal to talk about iPhone 3rd party applications. Right on cue, Bourne, during his interview with Chris Breen, spoke about this issue for a whole 2 minutes…kind of. 28 minutes and 50 seconds into episode 38 Bourne and Breen mentioned the existence of the latest iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak. By minute 30 it was all over. What’s worse about this lame attempt at pacifying his listeners is that Bourne went out of his way to brag about it, and explain why everyone should shut up now (by ‘everyone’, I mean listeners that cared enough about the show to suggest improvements):

“Now I want it on the record that you and I are discussing, you know, 3rd party hacks, jailbreaking. If you read my email, according to my email I never ever times a million ever mention that on the show but but (sic) here we are proving those folks wrong. We’re talking about the jailbreak — we’re not advocating it, we’re not saying don’t do it, we’re not saying do do it, we’re simply providing news…” (Scott Bourne, Apple Phone Show #38).

So not only has his condescending rant attacked his most loyal listeners, but he has completely missed the point they, and myself, were trying to make. We don’t want a 2-minute sound bite where you merely mention the existance of a jailbreak hack, what your listeners want is a segment where you, or someone else, critiques the latest 3rd party applications offered by 3rd party developers.To be fair, Bourne has had guests that mention 3rd party applications in the past, but these conversations are short and very few and far between.

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