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Drink Til We’re Funny is a weekly podcast hosted by a group of friends living in Illinois. The show runs generally between 30-60 minutes and covers topics from office politics to pillow talk.

Listening to DTWF is like evesdropping on a conversation at a cafe. There’s no real structure or theme to the episodes, but that is part of its charm. It’s raw and certainly earns its explicit tag, but it is also fun and generally enjoyable to listen to. Perhaps not something to recommend to mum though.

On the one hand this could be compared to Answer Me This in that it is rough but entertaining, and is exactly what podcasting is all about, but on the other hand it lacks structure and variety of content, which is what Answer Me This excells in. This is a podcast absolutely worth trying out, but the boysterious humor and inability to speak about topics beyond the bedroom will turn some people off.

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Ratings for Drink ‘Til We’re Funny
9/10 Entertainment value
Always energetic and entertaining. It’s admirable how much they are willing to reveal of themselves in order to tell a good story.
6/10 Quality of content
If you’re looking for a podcast where you lean something new, or a podcast that is thought provoking, this is not it. Moreover, the range of topics covered are generally pretty narrow.
7.5/10 Production quality
Generally well produced though the levels are a bit off, making you reach for the volume controls whenever they all laugh at once.
7.5/10 Overall
This is going to be one of those love-it-or-hate-it podcasts. I would recommend you download at least a couple episodes — you will soon know which side you’re on.

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