Review: What Would Happen If..?


What would happen if the world stopped spinning? Or the force of gravity was twice as strong? Or the polar icecaps melted? These are the kinds of questions answered on National Geographic Channel’s aptly named podcast What Would Happen If..?

Each episode is around 2 minutes long as poses a question phrased as What Would Happen If ____? before attempting to explain the answer. While the episodes are not long or in-depth enough to really sink your teeth into, the bite-sized episodes are a nice treat every week.

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Ratings for What Would Happen If..?
8/10 Entertainment value
At 2 minutes each, there’s little chance of getting bored, but you’re unlikely to find all the topics facintating.
7/10 Quality of content
Some questions are more interesting and deep than others. Many, in fact, are rather contrived and simply an excuse to blow something up.
9/10 Production quality
Being National Geographic, it is of course well produced, though I’d like to see a higher resolution option.
7/10 Overall
Great fun and very interesting, but often the show strays into Braniac territory, coming up with What Would Happen If questions that no one asked has ever asked just so they can destroy something or do something crazy. The best episodes are those which pose a geniunely interesting scenario.

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