Review: Science On Mornings with Dr Karl


Science On Mornings, also known as Dr Karl on Triple J, also known as Science Mornings with Dr Karl (they really need to pick a name and stick with it) is a weekly science talk show hosted by Australian celebrity geek Dr Karl.

The structure of the show is simple: listeners call Dr Karl and ask him a science-related question, which he attempts to answer. What is especially great about Science On Mornings it is faced paced, so even if the question asked is something you don’t find interesting, it won’t be long until the next one is asked.

Dr Karl’s knowledge is impressive, which always promises a wide range of topics from black holes to farting, but there are times when he doesn’t know the answer, but rather than admitting this straght way he will speak at length about something only vaguely related to the topic of the question. Having said that, these situations are few and far between; his answers are usually succinct and facinating. The main issue is that the show is too short for Karl to go into as much detail as I’m sure he’d like. I would love to see a long-form version of this programme where Dr Karl could really sink his teeth into a subject.

Website | RSS | To get it in iTunes, perform a search for “Science On Mornings”. Triple J is apparently too cool and non-commercial to put an iTunes subscribe link on their website. They don’t even mention iTunes on their “how to subscribe page”. Well done, Triple J, stick it to the man (/end sarcasm).

Ratings for Science On Mornings
9/10 Entertainment value
Unlike most science shows, you don’t necessarily need to be a science enthusiast to enjoy this programme.
8.5/10 Quality of content
You will always lean something, but sometimes Dr Karl dodges the question, or can’t go into as much detail as he’d like because of time constraints.
10/10 Production quality
Being radio, it’s very well produced.
8.5/10 Overall
An entertaining and interesting podcast that will appeal to most people.

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