Download Revision3 podcasts for free

I know, that headline doesn’t sound very impressive, but if you live in a country like Australia, even ‘free’ content comes at a price because of strict download limits. Take the HD version of Diggnation for example, which is around 600MB. If you’re on a $60/month plan with 20GB download limit (pretty average for an Australian ISP), the true cost of podcasts soon becomes painfully clear:

$60 / 20GB = $3 per GB

4 Diggnation episodes per month = ~2.4GB

TOTAL: $7.20 / month (or $3 x 2.4)

Fortunately for Internode customers, you can download as many high definition Revision3 podcasts as you like — including Diggnation, Tekzilla and Systm — 100% free and unmetered, providing you do so through their Games Network website.

The interface is a little clunky at the moment, as there’s no podcast section, but you can find the episodes you need by using the File Information search box.

If you’re hooked on Revision3, this might be a reason to stay with Internode, or switch, even with their recent price hikes (which they speciously blame on YouTube and BitTorrent, by the way).

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