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Review: News podcasts

If you’re anything like me, as the amount of content you download increases, the amount of content you watch on traditional media like TV and radio decreases. For the most part, this is a good thing; you’re no longer tied to a rigid TV schedule, and you no longer have to sit through huge amounts […]

Podwatch #10

Review: The Tech Guy (technology; talkback) Download Podwatch episode 10 Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

Review: The Tech Guy

Anyone who follows tech news will know of Leo Lapotre. From ZDTV to Tech TV to Radio and now to podcasting, Leo is one of the most loved tech broadcasters in the world. Leo is largely responsible for the growth of podcasting in its early days, so it seems fitting that the first of his […]

The Real Reason Why People Continue to Pirate Music

I’ll start by stating the obvious: downloading music illegally is cheaper and easier than the alternative. The question, though, is why do people continue to pirate even with the scare campaigns and tougher laws? It happens that on a recent Hamish And Andy podcast, one of the main reasons for why people don’t care about […]

Podwatch #9

Review:┬áBreak A Leg (video; comedy) I’ve been thinking a bit about the format of Podwatch, and have decided it would be best to release these as one review per episode. That way, you don’t have do download a review about something you’re not interested in, and I can release multiple episodes a week to spread […]

Review: Break A Leg

Break a Leg is the first half-hour sitcom to be produced independently and released on the Internet for free, entirely without studio support. This on its own is an impressive feat, and makes me want to give the show 10/10 purely as a way of expressing appreciation and encouraging more of this kind of thing […]