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Anyone who follows tech news will know of Leo Lapotre. From ZDTV to Tech TV to Radio and now to podcasting, Leo is one of the most loved tech broadcasters in the world. Leo is largely responsible for the growth of podcasting in its early days, so it seems fitting that the first of his many podcasts I review is The Tech Guy, seeing as this was available as a downloadable audio file long before podcasting as we know it existed.

The show runs for around 2 hours twice a week and follows a simple format whereby listeners can call up Leo and ask him a tech related question. These questions range dramatically, from super-geeky questions about network setups or bleeding edge gadgets, to grandmas asking how to transfer their VHS tapes to DVD. This range gives the show variety and means both geeks and non-geeks alike will get something out of it. Certainly, you need to be interested in technology to enjoy it, but you don’t need to know anything about technology to find this podcast useful.

Also, if you are tech-savvy, there is a perverse pleasure in listening to clueless n00b callers ;)

The Tech Guy’s biggest problem is the audio quality, which suffers from echo whenever Leo talks with callers on the line, and the release schedule, which is sporadic at best. Still, this is an excellent show and one that those wanting to learn more about technology should all listen to.

UPDATE: The echo issue appears to have been fixed in recent podcasts.

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Ratings for The Tech Guy
8/10 Entertainment value
Sometimes slow moving, but generally entertaining and full of useful information for all experience levels.
10/10 Quality of content
Leo’s advice is always spot-on, and he does a great job at delivering the latest in tech news in an accessible way. The show also features regular 10 minute guests who cover photography tips, security news, and home theatre tips.
7.5/10 Production quality
A radio show, so well produced, though the bumper music between segments goes for a long time. You almost wish there were commercials so you had something more interesting to listen to. Also, there is noticeable echo whenever Leo talks to a caller, which is very distracting. The problem has been acknowledged and is an unavoidable issue because of the way the system is set up, but it is nevertheless an annoying issue.
8/10 Overall
I feel the geeky and the non-geeky alike will get a lot out of this programme, but it is a big time investment, so you do need to be interested.

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  1. John Johnson
    Posted March 26, 2010 at 6:21 am | Permalink

    I listen to The Tech Guy podcasts on my iPod Touch. I find the echo extremely annoying, particularly if I play it through my car’s audio system where the echo makes some of the calls almost unintelligible. When I first started listening to these podcasts in November, ’09, there was no echo. Please fix it!

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