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Podwatch #17

Review: Something Live (music, culture) Download Podwatch episode 17 Audio samples from: Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 1 Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 10 Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 5 Performances: Ian Noe – Sign of the Times Music & Lyrics by Ian Noe. Recorded January 19, 2009. Danielle Miraglia – No One’s Listening But […]

Review: Something Live

Get a group of talented musicians together in one place, get passionate sound man PJ Shapiro to record it, mix it up into a podcast and you have Something Live. Every episode features performances from independent artists that would otherwise exist only in the moment. I love that this podcast exists. Yes, it’s niche, and […]

WTF just happened?

I’m not usually one for trashy “yo slept with ma huzband” crap on radio, but the call on episode 142 of the Paul and Rach podcast had me transfixed. It all started with a segment where hosts Paul Murray & Rachel Corbett discussed those people in our lives that we wish we didn’t have to […]

Podwatch #15

Review: Skeptoid (science) Download Podwatch episode 15 Audio samples from: Skeptoid: “#54 – The Twin Towers: Fire Melting Steel” Skeptoid: “#142 – Student Questions: Sugary Behavior, Secondhand Smoke, and Wal-Mart” Skeptoid: “#123 – Listener Feedback Reloaded” Dr Karl on Triple J: April 13, 2006 Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

Review: Skeptoid

In a world where Fox News exists, it feels as though the media has become a little too credulous these days. Brian Dunning wants to change all that by promoting the art of critical thinking through his 10-minute weekly podcast Skeptoid which casts a skeptical eye on some of the most debated myths and misconceptions […]

Podwatch #14

Review: Josh Thomas and Friend (comedy) Download Podwatch episode 14 Audio samples from: Josh Thomas and Friend: “Episode 1” Josh Thomas and Friend: “Episode 14” Josh Thomas and Friend: “Episode 6” Josh Thomas and Friend: “Episode 8” Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

Review: Josh Thomas and Friend

After a successful standup carreer, Brisbane born commedian Josh Thomas has become somewhat of a household name in Austraia recently after frequent appearences on Good News Week and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. The podcast begun shortly before his television career started taking off and is hosted by himself and his friend Tom Ward. The humor […]

Podwatch #13

Review: The Moth Podcast (true stories, performing arts) Download Podwatch episode 13 Audio samples from: The Moth Podcast: “Last Laugh” The Moth Podcast: “Franny’s Last Ride” This American Life: “Somewhere Out There” (#374) Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

Review: The Moth Podcast

The Moth is a non-profit group based in the United States who are committed to bringing back the art of storytelling. In the podcast, ordinary people take the stage in front of a live audience to tell a story from their lives. These stories typically last around 10-15 minutes and are released every week. The […]