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Something LiveGet a group of talented musicians together in one place, get passionate sound man PJ Shapiro to record it, mix it up into a podcast and you have Something Live. Every episode features performances from independent artists that would otherwise exist only in the moment.

I love that this podcast exists. Yes, it’s niche, and there’s a long time to wait between episodes, but where else are you going to hear these inspirational performances from unsigned artists. You can tell that Shapiro has genuine fervor during interviews, and this enthusiasm rubs off on the listener. Couple this with some truly moving performances and you have something that will appeal immensely to its intended audience.

The keyword here, though, is intended audience. I think this podcast is an important one given the current state of the music industry, but not everyone is going to enjoy it. Something Live is for people who love music, and get a kick out of listening to independent artists making music for the right reasons. If you’re expecting a top 40 of unsigned musicians, like a podcasting equivalent to Triple J Unearthed this is not it. Rather, it’s about the lyrics, the music and the expression.

Along with the musical performances, each episode features interviews with the artists who share their experiences and motivations. It makes for interesting listening, as the stories of these artists are far more real and intimate that something you might hear on the radio.

This is a difficult podcast to rate, because if you’re outside of the target audience you’re not going to like the show at all. On the other hand, if you are the target audience, Something Live will prove to be a real gem. I suspect those who would not enjoy this already know who thay are simply my reading my description or listening to the samples I’ve chosen in the audio review. For those who are still with me — check Something Live out, you won’t regret it.

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Ratings for Something Live
Entertainment value
Some amazing performances and engaging interviews. Not every song will appeal to your tastes, but there’s plenty of variety.
Quality of content
Every episode is packed full of content. Shapiro’s dedication to Something Live’s content is admirable.
Production quality
Excellent production values, but it’s a pity the episodes don’t come out more often.
Something Live is very niche, but that specialised appeal means the target audience will feel even more fortunate to have found it. Those who love music and culture, or fellow musicians looking to learn more about live performances, should subscribe immediately.

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