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Podwatch #9

Review:┬áBreak A Leg (video; comedy) I’ve been thinking a bit about the format of Podwatch, and have decided it would be best to release these as one review per episode. That way, you don’t have do download a review about something you’re not interested in, and I can release multiple episodes a week to spread […]

Review: Break A Leg

Break a Leg is the first half-hour sitcom to be produced independently and released on the Internet for free, entirely without studio support. This on its own is an impressive feat, and makes me want to give the show 10/10 purely as a way of expressing appreciation and encouraging more of this kind of thing […]

Podwatch #8

– Review: Vital Signs – Review: Litopia – News: If you enjoy Science On Mornings, which I received a couple of weeks ago, there is a UK version called Science With Dr Karl from the UK. As always, if you agree or disagree with any of my reviews, please leave a comment or email me […]

Review: Litopia

Litopia is a weekly (sometimes twice weekly) podcast aimed at writers, or those interested in the industry and culture of book publishing. Hosted by literary agent Peter Cox, the podcast rolls 3 shows into one: The Litopia Podcast, Litopia Storytime, and Litopia After Dark. Most people are likely to want all three of these in […]

Review: Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a 10-minute weekly audio version of Discover Magazine’s regular article. Each episode a true story is told involving a medical mystery of some kind, written in the first person by the doctor. A great concept, and a good listen, though it isn’t quite as fascinating as it sounds. Some of the “medical […]

Podwatch #7

– Review: Hamish and Andy (comedy) Sorry for the short one this week. Let this be a lesson to you kids — never get a job! ;)If you agree or disagree with any of my reviews, please leave a comment or email me at Download Podwatch #7 Subscribe via iTunes

Review: Hamish and Andy

Hamish and Andy is an afternoon radio comedy duo heard on the Australian Austereo network. After meeting one another while studying commerce at the University of Melbourne, the two were involved in programs on the Student Youth Network and Channel 31, a public TV station. In 2005, one of the “big 3” commercial networks Channel […]

Podwatch #6

– News: Ziff Davis Media files for bankruptcy – News: Internode offers unmetered Revision3 videos – Review: The Digg Reel – Review: Buzz Out Loud – Anne Is A Man blog – Hosks Half Hour podcast As always, if you agree or disagree with any of my reviews, please leave a comment or email me […]

Review: Buzz Out Loud

Buzz Out Loud is one of the most popular podcasts to come from CNet’s long lineup of audio and video content. It is a daily show, generally running around 30-40 minutes, and covers the daily news in technology, as well as the occasional bit of science. The show has been through many hosts, both long […]

Review: The Digg Reel

The Digg Reel is the latest video podcast to come from Web-only network Revision3. After the runaway success of their flagship show Diggnation, they have released many followups. Their shows have seen varying degrees of success, but at the end of the day Diggnation remains their biggest money spinner. So Revision3 have done what any […]

Ziff Davis files for bankruptcy

Ziff Davis Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptsy this week, leaving many wondering how this will affect the podcasts they produce. ZD’s popular lineup of podcasts includes DL.TV, Cranky Geeks and ExtremeTech. No information has been released as to the fate of their online content, but I will keep you posted as more info […]

Download Revision3 podcasts for free

I know, that headline doesn’t sound very impressive, but if you live in a country like Australia, even ‘free’ content comes at a price because of strict download limits. Take the HD version of Diggnation for example, which is around 600MB. If you’re on a $60/month plan with 20GB download limit (pretty average for an […]

Podwatch #5

Podwatch episode 5 covers: – Software: Text-to-speech Showdown – Review: Science On Mornings with Dr Karl – Review: Mysterious Universe If you agree or disagree with any of my reviews, please leave a comment or email me at Download Podwatch #5 Subscribe via iTunes

Review: Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe is a weekly podcast, running generally around 40-60 minutes, hosted by Benjamin Grundy that covers strange stories, the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Mysterious Universe is popular enough that Grundy was able to quit is day job at the beginning of 2007 and become one of the few professional podcasters. MU is offered as […]

Review: Science On Mornings with Dr Karl

Science On Mornings, also known as Dr Karl on Triple J, also known as Science Mornings with Dr Karl (they really need to pick a name and stick with it) is a weekly science talk show hosted by Australian celebrity geek Dr Karl. The structure of the show is simple: listeners call Dr Karl and […]

Text-To-Speech showdown

Last week I posed the scenario that you were in a rush and didn’t have time to read those emails, or that article, or that report. The solution was to use Mac OS X’s in-built text-to-speech technology to convert those words to an audio file that you can throw on your MP3 player and listen […]

Podwatch #4

Podwatch episode 4 is out and covers the following: – Review: What Would Happen If..? – Review: Drink Til We’re Funny – News: Good News Week available as a podcast – How-To: Podcasting your email Also, new domain is, and thanks to Kathy Maister for her comment. If you agree or disagree with any […]

Review: Drink ‘Til We’re Funny

Drink Til We’re Funny is a weekly podcast hosted by a group of friends living in Illinois. The show runs generally between 30-60 minutes and covers topics from office politics to pillow talk. Listening to DTWF is like evesdropping on a conversation at a cafe. There’s no real structure or theme to the episodes, but […]

Review: What Would Happen If..?

What would happen if the world stopped spinning? Or the force of gravity was twice as strong? Or the polar icecaps melted? These are the kinds of questions answered on National Geographic Channel’s aptly named podcast What Would Happen If..? Each episode is around 2 minutes long as poses a question phrased as What Would […]

Ten Releases Good News Week as a Podcast

While the the writers continue to strike because the studios won’t give them 4 frickin’ cents, Australian TV network Ten (which comprises of near-100% American shows) is feeling the pinch. Rather than coming up with new and original ideas, they decided to bring back an old TV show they axed 8 years ago — Good […]