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Podwatch #15

Review: Skeptoid (science) Download Podwatch episode 15 Audio samples from: Skeptoid: “#54 – The Twin Towers: Fire Melting Steel” Skeptoid: “#142 – Student Questions: Sugary Behavior, Secondhand Smoke, and Wal-Mart” Skeptoid: “#123 – Listener Feedback Reloaded” Dr Karl on Triple J: April 13, 2006 Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

Review: Skeptoid

In a world where Fox News exists, it feels as though the media has become a little too credulous these days. Brian Dunning wants to change all that by promoting the art of critical thinking through his 10-minute weekly podcast Skeptoid which casts a skeptical eye on some of the most debated myths and misconceptions […]

Review: Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a 10-minute weekly audio version of Discover Magazine’s regular article. Each episode a true story is told involving a medical mystery of some kind, written in the first person by the doctor. A great concept, and a good listen, though it isn’t quite as fascinating as it sounds. Some of the “medical […]

Review: Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe is a weekly podcast, running generally around 40-60 minutes, hosted by Benjamin Grundy that covers strange stories, the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Mysterious Universe is popular enough that Grundy was able to quit is day job at the beginning of 2007 and become one of the few professional podcasters. MU is offered as […]

Review: Science On Mornings with Dr Karl

Science On Mornings, also known as Dr Karl on Triple J, also known as Science Mornings with Dr Karl (they really need to pick a name and stick with it) is a weekly science talk show hosted by Australian celebrity geek Dr Karl. The structure of the show is simple: listeners call Dr Karl and […]

Review: What Would Happen If..?

What would happen if the world stopped spinning? Or the force of gravity was twice as strong? Or the polar icecaps melted? These are the kinds of questions answered on National Geographic Channel’s aptly named podcast What Would Happen If..? Each episode is around 2 minutes long as poses a question phrased as What Would […]