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Podwatch #13

Review: The Moth Podcast (true stories, performing arts) Download Podwatch episode 13 Audio samples from: The Moth Podcast: “Last Laugh” The Moth Podcast: “Franny’s Last Ride” This American Life: “Somewhere Out There” (#374) Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

Review: The Moth Podcast

The Moth is a non-profit group based in the United States who are committed to bringing back the art of storytelling. In the podcast, ordinary people take the stage in front of a live audience to tell a story from their lives. These stories typically last around 10-15 minutes and are released every week. The […]

Review: Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a 10-minute weekly audio version of Discover Magazine’s regular article. Each episode a true story is told involving a medical mystery of some kind, written in the first person by the doctor. A great concept, and a good listen, though it isn’t quite as fascinating as it sounds. Some of the “medical […]

Review: This American Life

This American Life is a weekly 1-hour show hosted by Ira Glass. Each week, the show features a central theme around which several stories are presented. The format is much like an audiobook, where guests will provide a narrative about an event in their life. The topics are very broad, ranging from stories of survival […]