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Review: Diggnation

Diggnation was one of the first big podcasts to hit the Internet and has continued to prove itself since its release in July of 2005. Almost 5 years later and Diggnation continues to grow in popularity and remains Revision3‘s flagship podcast. Hosted by ex-Tech TV personalities Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, Diggnation lasts around 40-60 […]

Review: Break A Leg

Break a Leg is the first half-hour sitcom to be produced independently and released on the Internet for free, entirely without studio support. This on its own is an impressive feat, and makes me want to give the show 10/10 purely as a way of expressing appreciation and encouraging more of this kind of thing […]

Review: Start Cooking

There’s quite a few cooking shows out there, and I have subscribed and unsubscribed from quite a few of them. The one that has remained in my list the longest, however, is the Start Cooking podcast. Start cooking is a video podcast hosted by Kathy Maister, and presents a variety of simple but tasty recipes […]