AppleTV 2.0 and podcasting

For the uninitiated, the AppleTV was Apple’s first attempt at a media centre. Essentially, it’s like a big iPod that connects to your screen and plays back movies, TV shows, music, and — best of all — podcasts. It was released in March of 2007 to a fairly mild reception. You can’t playback live TV, […]

Review: Today In iPhone

Like the Apple Phone Show, this is a great source of information on the iPhone. Unlike the Apple Phone Show, this is not a particularly well produced show. Not that it is horrible, but it is definately more rough around the edges than it’s competition, and host Rob Walsh could use some radio classes (to be fair, […]

Review: Apple Phone Show

Scott Bourne hosts this well-produced Apple iPhone podcast. Each week Bourne presents the latest news regarding the iPhone, bringing friends such as Andy Ihnatko and Chris Breen to help. The major problem with the Apple Phone Show is its lack of attention to the native 3rd party application community.  Website | RSS | iTunes 9/10 […]