Podwatch #17

Review: Something Live (music, culture) Download Podwatch episode 17 Audio samples from: Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 1 Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 10 Something Live: The Cantab Sessions 5 Performances: Ian Noe – Sign of the Times Music & Lyrics by Ian Noe. Recorded January 19, 2009. Danielle Miraglia – No One’s Listening But […]

Review: Something Live

Get a group of talented musicians together in one place, get passionate sound man PJ Shapiro to record it, mix it up into a podcast and you have Something Live. Every episode features performances from independent artists that would otherwise exist only in the moment. I love that this podcast exists. Yes, it’s niche, and […]

The Real Reason Why People Continue to Pirate Music

I’ll start by stating the obvious: downloading music illegally is cheaper and easier than the alternative. The question, though, is why do people continue to pirate even with the scare campaigns and tougher laws? It happens that on a recent Hamish And Andy podcast, one of the main reasons for why people don’t care about […]