WTF just happened?

I’m not usually one for trashy “yo slept with ma huzband” crap on radio, but the call on episode 142 of the Paul and Rach podcast had me transfixed. It all started with a segment where hosts Paul Murray & Rachel Corbett discussed those people in our lives that we wish we didn’t have to […]

Review: This American Life

This American Life is a weekly 1-hour show hosted by Ira Glass. Each week, the show features a central theme around which several stories are presented. The format is much like an audiobook, where guests will provide a narrative about an event in their life. The topics are very broad, ranging from stories of survival […]

Review: The Tom Leykis Show

The Tom Leykis Show is a podcast version of the American shock jock’s radio programme of the same name. I would liken it to an American version Spoonman, but unlike Spoonman, Leykis appears to be devoid of a soul. Each episode usually features one topic where listeners can phone in and argue with Leykis or […]