Review: The Spoonman

For the uninitiated, Brian Carlton — best known as The Spoonman — is an Australian shock jock that has been floating around on the radio for many years. US listeners might think of him as Australia’s answer to Tom Leykis; he may be of greater moral character than Leykis in my opinion, but Spoonman has […]

Podwatch #18

Episode 18 of Podwatch is a 3 person review of The Spoonman podcast. Download Podwatch episode 18 Audio samples from: Spoonman Random Rave, 23 September 2009 Spoonman Random Rave, 9 September 2009 Spoonman Random Rave, 25 September 2009 Spoonman Random Rave, 10 September 2009 Subscribe to Podwatch: iTunes | RSS

WTF just happened?

I’m not usually one for trashy “yo slept with ma huzband” crap on radio, but the call on episode 142 of the Paul and Rach podcast had me transfixed. It all started with a segment where hosts Paul Murray & Rachel Corbett discussed those people in our lives that we wish we didn’t have to […]


I know, I know. It’s been a long time. Sorry for the delay between episodes but I am back and ready to go. So to kick things off for the new season of Podwatch I thought I’d round up a few of the most controversial stories from the podcasting world in the last few months. […]

Review: The Shebang

Those living in Australia will likely already know of the comedy duo Marty Sheargold and Fifi Box. After their recent move to Sydney breakfast radio, however, they have taken a dive, with a 5.3% share of the breakfast audience — a loss of 47,000 listeners since March. Why this is the case I’m not sure, […]